California, alma mater

Last Thursday night, I was high as a bat. I stepped out of my filthy car in my slacks and heels, watching the sun set on the Cal campus. I rushed to the Alumni House where I was treated to a Chinese food dinner, paired up with a 2006 grad from the Town, and spent the next three hours remembering why I am so damn proud of being a Berkeley grad.

I have been volunteering for the Alumni Association for over a year: reading scholarship applications, conducting scholarship interviews, speaking on career panels. I get a rush from being back at Cal. I get a rush from meeting fellow alumni and current students. Cal attracts the most amazing people: ambitious, altruistic, brilliant, witty. Sometimes I feel so humbled. Other times I feel so proud. In any case, I enjoy the time I give to my alma mater.

Last Thursday, I interviewed four amazing young women and two amazing young men. If I could have written a check for $5K for each of them, I would have.

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