Dream Recollection 23: The pills

from the audio transcription

3 in the morning, Wednesday, September 12th
I dreamt about a Korean special ed student. He was taking notes in a Korean notebook. I had directed several cartoons featuring classical music.
My dreams are convoluted right now. Probably because of stupid Benadryl.
I don’t like when people are in my dreams that I wish I’d stop dreaming about.
I miss my Play Brother. I think he might have been in a dream.
I’m confused.

5am, Wednesday, September 12th
I was at a costume party in El Cerrito. It was at a mansion full of African and Roman sculptures in all six front picture windows. There was a contingent of black drag queens leaving. My bro, my sis, and my high school best friend were in business attire, getting in an SUV. They said we’d meet up at the park. I was with Lisa and Cho-Cho and Cho’s little sis but they reminded me of the sisters I met in conflict mediation today. We were casually dressed in sweats when we met a friend of the sisters. She was dressed like a princess with wings. The host looked like Fabio and he had a horse. My brother and his friends were there including Fresa 2. There was a Latino who looked familiar: late 30s or early 40s, graying. The sister made fun of another duo of sisters for getting food stamps. I felt guilty because I had taken their box of health products and Cho-Cho had used up the aspirin.
I don’t like Benadryl.

Thursday, September 13th, 2am
I woke up around 1:40am. I had several dreams but the one I remember most had to do with friggin’ MySpace. I was logging on to make some changes. Someone was erasing my entries. There were blogs I hadn’t written.
I’m tired. I’m not groggy anymore but my mind is still affected.

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