"You know it, you tell the story…"

Forget a bum leg. I’ll brave the hundreds of stone steps to get into the Lair of the Golden Bear, Memorial Stadium, on any hot Saturday afternoon. Finish trudging up the hill and you push through the drunk white folks in the parking lot, haul your cute woman of color booty past the grease-painted kiddies and winking men. You can feel the energy as you hear the band play and the crowds roar. Yes, that’s testotorone and adrenalin and serotonin(and probably plenty of alcohol though this Bear is still clean.) You make your way to your bombass seats in the Young Alumni section(Row 22, y’all, better than anyone in the Crew). And the fun begins.

I love Cal Football. Christmas isn’t the happiest time of year. Cal Football season is. I’ve got sunshine, my Crew, my bff back in town, some new Cal gear. I’ve got no drama with any of the boys in the Crew(though Beautiful acted a fool Friday night and my bro got mad when I asked about Elbow and Mrs. Elbow yesterday.) Saturday’s opener against the Tennesee Vols proved to be a fabulous kickstart to what promises to another winning a season. More importantly, I’m sure to make more memories with my Crew.

The game was fun, despite the pain in my left leg and my still-sore right foot. As usual, a fight broke out next to us, this one between a drunken Bear and an angry Vol dad(the Bear took the daughter’s orange and white pompons and flung them down the stairs.) We were surrounded by our usual neighbors, Billie* and his wild Afro, baby Dorian* and her parents. DeSean Jackson continued to prove he’s our star but our boys(love the Cal Football Women’s Huddle!) Justin Forsett and Thomas “Dimples” DeCoud also contributed. Grr-rah!

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