The antidote to krytonite

In comic books, superheroes are often lone wolves, facing their demons and villains galore on their own or with a team or like-minded individuals. In real life, I find that heroes have a support network. In my case, in my long-absent Ms. Grito incarnation, I am blessed to have my Crew.

The Crew is as much my family as the Peruvian/Mexican/Filipino blood clan I belong to here in the East Bay and in my mother/fatherland, el Peru. The Crew consists of my brother, my sister in law, my best friend, my bro’s bros, and the bros’ wives. We are a fearsome force(try saying that cinco veces after chugging un trago)of intellect and muscle, of talent and way too much corazon. When I’m with the Crew, I’m invicible. I am my best self, just like I was back when I was a Bear living in Bear territory, when I was writing mi obra maestra for the first time, when I hadn’t yet opened the Pandora’s box that is my mind. I don’t regret the growth I’ve experienced, painful as some aspects of it have been and are. If anything, they make me, Mujer Hollering, so much stronger than I could have imagined. And with the Crew at my side and at my back, I’m ready to take on any challenge that comes my way.

Intensive therapy. A work accident that was deceptively bigger than I originally thought. Nothing can weaken me now.

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