Not a warm and fuzzy neighborhood but worth a visit

Theatre Review: Avenue Q

2004 Tony Award winner Avenue Q has come to the Bay. Not surprisingly, the politically incorrect racy puppet show musical is playing to packed houses and sparkling reviews. I literally dragged my injured self to the Orpheum Theater and did not regret the physical exhaustion that followed. Recent Bachelor in English Princeton moves to rundown New York neighborhood Avenue Q where he meets smartmouth building supe Gary Coleman(yes, the child star), naive kindergarten teaching assistant Kate Monster, Japanese emigre and therapist Christmas Eve, and an assortment of kooky characters, both human and puppet. Laced with profanity, sexual innuendo, puppet sex, and other adult material, the show also features funny songs like “Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist,” “The Internet is For Porn” and my personal favorite, “The More You Ruv Someone” which includes the great line, “the more you love someone, the more you want them dead.” This is not a show for the kids but that is why we love it.

Now playing at the Orpheum through August 30
Still playing on Broadway in NYC

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