Dream Recollection 14: The Changing of the Guard

from audio transcription

Monday August 6, 6 something in AM.
I was an AP at a slighly different campus. It looked like an old school shopping center or my old elementary school combined. S.R., former student, was there helping me along with a girl wearing a T-shirt that read “Pacsism” and covered with pacifiers, maybe a Simpsons reference. The other AP was Paradox, whom I knew from a Catholic group I used to belong to, but he looked sickly and wimpy. There was no 3rd AP. Their office was locked.
It was strange, felt like a hotel or a mall. There was a dance on the blacktop. We stepped away for a minute. When we returned, only three kids were dancing.
“Where are the rest?”
“They must be fighting.”
We ran. S. reported there were fights in two areas.
I couldn’t run. I had to use a skateboard. I felt desperate. My throat was sore.

In another part of the dream, it was reported that Paradox wanted to hurt a male friend of mine, not sure who or how. The quote from S.R. was “he’s looking to lose some weight, some 100-something pounds.”
“There’s going to be a hit.”

I feel discombobulated. Freaking out about work and the usual. I hate having enemies.
I’m frustrated. These dreams are not even nightmares but I wake up rattled, torn and confused. I am making progress but I feel lost again.
I deserve to get through this.

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