Movie Review: Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer

Campy and perfect for the Parkway

$300 shoes. $3 cupcakes. Once in a while, I love to treat myself. But $15 movies? Unless you’re catching a late show in Times Square(and those would run about $12), there really is no reason to pay this much for any movie. Especially a movie that is a sequel to a cheesy Hollywood blockbuster and which has been panned by even your most butch male compatriots. I love Marvel Comics movie adaptations but I wasn’t crazy about Fantastic Four. Still, I decided I should see it since I only saw the credits while in Clarksville earlier this month. Besides, who can pass up a night at the Parkway? $6 tickets, beer and wine(not that it matters since I’m staying sober indefinitely), and a solid menu of appetizers and other treats.

This sequel follows the superheroes as Reed Richards and Sue Storm(Jessica Alba in peroxide and blue contacts)plan their wedding. Mysterious climate changes lead the government to ask the quartet to find the culprit. The supposedly-dead Dr. Doom also joins the investigation. They discover the cause to be the alien Norrin Radd, dubbed the Silver Surfer(voice by Laurence Fishburne.) Fights and betrayal ensues along with the requisite brotherly high jinks between the Human Torch and the Thing. The writing, acting, and special effects were over the top, almost like an Godzilla movie, but it got major laughs from the smaller than usual Parkway crowd.

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