And you thought BPD was all negative…

Once upon a November 2006 morning, I fell during an early morning walk in the darkness with my two dogs. I was depressed(little did I know it was the beginning of my current journey towards better mental health) over a negative situation with a longtime platonic friend of mine. He had recently declared his longtime crush on me–as well as his conviction that I had had some sort of sexual relationship with our mutual pal Beautiful. As I am prone to do, I was racked with guilt and moping around. Hence this nasty gash, which I wore like a true martyr.
Little did I know Elbow(code name for my former friend) had a girlfriend which he had initially denied but later confirmed via a curt email to me about respecting his relationship.
Why bring this up in late July 2007? Because Elbow eloped recently.
I don’t regret our drunken argument after the UCLA game. If anything, it may have cemented(to use my bff’s term) his relationship.

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