Grand finale: Book review(I promise, no spoilers!)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallowsm
by J.K. Rowling

Yes, it is possible to finish a 750+ page read in 3 days. True, I took a speed reading course in 6th grade(no finger down a page, it was very old school, watching film reels of text get faster and faster and taking multiple choice comprehension tests but I digress)but this book pulls you towards one of the most highly publicized finales of a best-selling book series, even if you have to sacrifice some hours of sleep. Once frumpy single mom J.K. Rowling is now a coiffed castle-owning superstar and this book ensures that she will continue to rake in millions. But, like the recent movie, I don’t recommend you choose Book 7 as your introduction to Mr. Potter.

Harry is now 17, the age at which he is supposed to face off with his archnemesis, the evil Lord Voldemort. With each book, Harry has gotten progressively angry and mournful and this book is no different. Harry has the terrible task of fighting a maniac bent on world domination to the death so you can imagine his emotional turmoil. Combine that with the recent loss of one of his mentors and continued adolescent ups and downs and you have one very troubled kid. Unfortunately, Book 7 brings more violence, death, and disappointments to Harry and company.

I often wondered how appealing Book 7 would be to the hordes of children who follow the Boy Wizard. Would I be comfortable reading this aloud to my elementary age child? Probably not. This is a heavy book and not only because of its length. The violence is disturbing at times. Discussion of the more intense themes would be important and necessary in my opinion.

Nevertheless, when I finally finished the novel Monday night, I clutched it to my chest and sobbed. The emotions I expressed at the end of this book are a testament to the impact a fictional child/sorcerer has had on me. Now that’s magic.

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