Don’t stop the beat: theatre/movie review


Tracy Turnblad rules! How girl power can you get? Big girl wins the cute boy, fame, and gets to effect social change. I recently took in both the Broadway and theatrical versions of the musical based on the John Waters film(say that as quickly as you can!) and have become a fan.
Hairspray follows high school sophomore Tracy(bubbly newcome Nikki Blonsky) who dreams of being a dancer on local TV’s Corny Collins Show. She is not the best student but a loyal friend to repressed Penny(played with wide-eyed aplomb by the adorable Amanda Bynes)and completely comfortable with her weight, her eccentric parents, and racial diversity. Tracy is all about self-acceptance and self-love so it’s no wonder she eventually wins a spot on the dance show as well as the heart of her crush, Link Larkin. Add in some great 60s style songs, campy co-stars John Travolta and Christopher Walken, and Broadway comes to the big screen.

Hairspray is playing in theaters nationwide
Hairspray can be seen at the Neil Simon Theater in New York City. It stars Ashley Parker Angel as Link Larkin, Jerry Mathers as Mr. Turnblad, Tevin Campbell as Seaweed, and Alexa Vega as Penny.

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