Dream Recollection 11: The Cancellation

early morning of July 23rd

In the dream, I miss my therapy appointment due to my sadness. Owl(my past and current therapist) is curt on the phone with me. There is nothing she can do. I ask for another appointment. She does not reply. The silence continues until I hang up.
Crying, I leave the Hayward Courthouse(where I was on the phone, across the street from her office) where strangers argue near a yellow school bus in the parking lot.
I head to a work party for Ms. Morris*, the art teacher. Brett’s brother is in attendance and looks at me solemnly. Ms. Morris is drunk and she gives me a kiss on the cheek before she nearly falls backwards. I look at the time and I realize I will be late to my appointment with my psychologist at the hospital.
At the hospital, I run into the Myers sisters, Martha and Nicole. Nicole is restored to health and offers to be available to talk.
I rush away, anxious to make my appointment. I realize I am letting my emotions get in the way of what I have to do.

*Names have been changed, if there is no code name.

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