A vacation from my vacation

No BPD research. No therapy. Hopefully no stress over a certain someone not calling. I’m headed to my favorite city in the world, New York City, for much-needed distraction. It has been two years since I roamed the hustle and bustle skyscraper and subway glory that is New York. I miss the steam coming up from the street, the swarms of yellow taxis, cheap hotdogs, Dominican Spanish, ghettofabulous kids on the train, celebrity sightings, Broadway shows, the warm rain, the sweltering humidity, wolf whistles, papaya juice, Central Park, walking everywhere, the feeling of absolute freedom and wholeness I feel when I’m there.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the Bay. It’s my home and I know I belong here. But sometimes I need my New York City fix. I used to get it every year, usually during rainy spring break. I’ve been deprived for too long. I need to remember who I am and what better place than in the only City I love more than the City by the Bay? I want to get caught in a rainstorm and splash in puddles. I want to walk seven blocks for down-home Peruvian food. I want a palette of Chinese satin slippers. I want to walk back into Manolo Blahnik to see my dream shoes. In twenty-four hours, I will do a Mary Tyler Moore spin in Times Square.

Lest you think I’m off to find Mr. Big, I am embarking on my trip with my parents. It’s a belated anniversary trip. Given recent events, it will be good to spend several days with my folks. I know they worry and it will be a great break for them, their wily daughter leading them around her favorite place. They deserve to be worry-free, too.

And I get to see Lisabet! My bff is currently staying in the Big Manzana. It will make a huge difference to see my best friend again. She has been gone since May and her absence has had an impact on me.

As a bonus, we will unwind from our whirlwind Manhattan tour in the Land of Enchantment. We will conclude our weeklong vacation in Albuquerque and the UFO capital of the world, Roswell. Nothing says family bonding like a road trip through the desert.

The last two weeks have been tumultuous. I deserve this escape.

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