All about love: double weekend recap

I’m blessed. Regardless of how my emotional ups and downs, I have been quite fortunate(and astute) in surrounding myself with good people. My family and friends are amazingly loyal and these last two weekends have reminded me of the gift of their presence.

I do have my loner streak, even when it’s beautiful summer in my beloved East Bay. If I’ve had a rough week at work(and I usually do), it’s not uncommon to find me curled me up on my black leather couch, chilling with a bag of microwave popcorn with some Tapatio sauce and a marathon of Degrassi episodes(or a movie.) But I can always count on my loved ones to get me out of my cozy little house.
Some highlights from the past two weekends:
*Last Friday, I was supposed to stay home to nurse a sore throat. Instead, I was treated to carne asada(I’ll make exceptions to my no red meat rule on special occasions), enchiladas, and strawberry-filled cake for Christina’s(my bff from high school) daughter’s elementary school graduation. I can’t believe she’s going to middle school!
*Saturday, after I slept off the first of my recent migraines, I cooked up an international meal for my visiting relatives from Peru. I made tzaziki aka yogurt and cucumber salad(Greece, Pollo Borracho(Chile), brown rice, with Japanese Mochi for dessert. Everyone was pleased with the meal and my wonderful uncle Armando made a sweet gratitude speech. Awwwww!
*Sunday morning, I saved Amigo’s ass for the 27th time(don’t you love Sagittariuses? I always seem to find them) by attending an all-day Fulbright meeting in the City.The food was amazing. The program is so impressive I may apply for an Administrator exchange. Amigo has dutifully promised to make it up to me. I’m expecting a sari, some bangle bracelets, and at least one Bollywood musical DVD. Everyone keeps joking that he may as well pull an Indiana Jones and rob a tomb for me. But knowing Amigo, I would have to fly to India to get him out of the mess.
*Dad made his famous BBQ for the whole family since my Tio Armando and Auntie are headed back to Peru this week. Food, glorious food!
*Last night, I meant to continue my hours of ironing(see what happens when my pet peeves get out of control) when my girl Arlene returned my voicemail. We got out of our chill-out gear and headed to the local multiplex to catch Ocean’s Thirteen. Nothing says girls’ night like a Cherry Icee and seeing all those mens in Armani. And yes, I meant mens because they(George, Andy, Brad) are too much to be mere men.
*Quality time with my baby bro: Who else would claim that my baby niece is laughing at my eye(which is healing, thank you very much!)? Who else would know exactly what a text message of “Have No Fear” means? Two days in a row of BBQ, banter, and nostalgia for a cartoon we watched as kids. Love him!

Someone once said that you can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends. Given a choice, I’d choose both.

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