Dream Recollection 7: The Exodus

June 18, 2007
Around 10pm

Society has broken down. Nothing is the way it used to be. There are no lights. No cars drive down the streets or freeways, which have become walking paths for wandering bands of people. There is an occasional plane or truck. People count coins, even pennies, in hopes of getting transportation.
We are sleeping in abandoned buildings, living off potato chips and other packaged junk food snacks. There is little water. Our lives are about survival. We fight off thieves and murderers. We are forced to steal moments of emotion: tears, sex, fear. There is always someone dead wherever we go.
We(my loved ones and I) are split into three groups and we are hoping to reunite. Soldier and I are separated but somehow he has warned me that there is a killer in our midst.
It is nightfall. I am with my brother, my sister in law, and Brett’s brother Jeff(though we call him Mark in this dream.) Jeff won’t go to sleep and wants to stay up and watch over us. As I finally doze off into uncomfortable sleep, a fight breaks out in the darkness. The dogs are with Soldier’s group so it is us against this stranger. I want to scream but can’t. A knife shines in the moonlight. My brother wakes up. It is hours before dawn.

I wake myself. My heart is pounding. Outside my house, a lone frog croaks. I feel like I’m not alone. There is a presence. I decide to sleep with the lights on. When the alarm rings at 6:30am, the lights blaze.

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