Dream recollection 6: The Gargoyle

June 16, 2007, 2nd of weird dreams

I am using a hoverboard to get around. I cruise from the Berkeley area(or somewhere northeast on the 80) to Oakland. I fly over the 880, alongside the BART line to the Coliseum. As I am floating over the upper reserved tier of seats, I realize I have to go to the Oakland airport to turn in my board. I go in that direction. There is a yellow building marked as Girls Inc. USA. The hoverboard runs low on energy and begins a slow descent. I get cobwebs on my left shoe as I lean against the roof of the yellow building. There is an ugly stone gargoyle on an adjoining building. It has a single horn in the middle of its head. It reminds me of the harpies from the original Jason and the Argonauts. It attacks me suddenly but I yell, “Jesus Christ, came by call of Gabriel.” The gargoyle recoils and screams. It attacks me a second time but I shout, “Jesus Christ is Son of God.” It falls to the ground where it breaks. I stomp on the shards of clay. The gargoyle’s horn falls off. I run through the parking lot and catch a yellow cab to the A’s game where I lose myself in the crowd.

I felt Brett’s presence in the dream and the one before it, which I can’t remember. I think I saw him in the crowd. He was wearing a baseball cap, carrying a clipboard, and looking down at the ground. I felt sad.

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