From one Moon Child to another

I have a soft spot for fellow Crabs(those with birthdays between June 22 and July 21.) I can tell who they are almost instantly. They’re the ones with the sharp wit, the mood swings, the heart of gold, the chip on the shoulder, and the eyes that fill easily with tears of joy, frustration, anger, and sorrow. I have had many of them as students and once I know they are kindred spirits, our natural rapport seems stronger.

Moody has been part of student government since freshman year and has been my loyal sidekick during my first two years as an administrator. He has faithfully watched the ticket table at football games, basketball games, and dances. Like me, he is smart, sassy, and slightly overwhelmed most of the time. He graduated this past week and wanted me to sign his yearbook.
“Let me take one of these.” He reached for my business card.
“Feel free to contact me whenever.”
“I will try. I can’t guarantee I will.”
“No worries. It’s your time to get out into the world.”
“I’m scared.”
“I’m going to be alone.”
What? Is the kid reading my mind? Isn’t that my biggest fear?
I took a deep breath and looked him in his doleful brown eyes.
“In reality, we are always alone.”
“You’ll be fine.”
“I hope so.”
“I know you will be.”

Because if I can make it, any Moon Child or Moody can.

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