Dirty thieves!

I have no respect for thieves. Sure I shoplifted some Barbie doll shoes from Gemco and some Jolly Ranchers from the local 7-11 when I was a little girl. But once I started to think for myself and choose right from wrong, I have never taken something that didn’t belong to me, be it cash or another lost item. I’m the person who returns your wallet or purse to lost and found or customer service. I’ll be the one to help you look for your sunglasses or child’s toy under the BART seats or at the movies. So it irks me that I’ve been the target of credit card thieves more than once.

This morning as I checked my ever-depleting checking account(long distance romance doesn’t come cheap, LOL), I saw a morning purchase at Macy’s. Now I love Macy’s as much as any other woman with fashion sense but I’ve been in my office all morning, processing suspensions and trying desperately not to jump out of my chair to rail against the barrage of whining parents in our lobby. I spoke to a bank representative and she confirmed that a purchase was made with my ATM card at a Macy’s in Ohio. Strangely, my unsigned and very worn ATM card is in my Coach wallet where it always is, along with my laminated affirmations and prayer cards, my health insurance card, my license, my St. Christopher medal, and for once, because God knows I’m always broke despite my many-figure salary, some cash and change. Someone out in the Midwest has made a counterfeit copy of my card and is shopping at Macy’s while I earn an honest living.

So why am I smiling? We have canceled the card and I’ll cut my copy into bits in a few minutes. But I smile because no thief can take the wealth I have.

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