Dream Recollection 4: Omens

last dream of morning of 5/31

In the dream, I am at a house in a familiar neighborhood, one I know from dreams. It reminds me of the Fruitvale. My extended family is at some kind of party. Everyone is laughing and talking but something feels wrong. I head into a shabby bedroom with a girl I call my cousin but I do not recognize her. We are sitting on a bed across from an old mirror and we are both staring into it with blank expressions.
“Grandma’s going to die,” my cousin says.
Then I see a car crash reflected in the mirror. A car rolls over several times and catches fire.
“Not in the crash,” my cousin says.
I get up because I hear a co-worker’s voice down the hallway. She is talking rapidly and crying. By the time I get to the dining room, the family has stopped their happy chatter. They are passing around a program. In it are photos of a young black woman and her family. They tell me it was the neighbor and that her daughter passed away.

Later in the dream, my brother, my father, and I are at a gas station. My father is very anxious and panicky, extremely out of character, so much that I am fearful of him. He gets out of the car and is looking for a white truck. He approaches a large white van and attempts to unlock the door while the passengers stare at him. My brother and I get out of the car and lead him away. We find the truck and my brother offers to drive it. My father is talking nonsense.

“The car crash,” I say. “We have to stop it.”

I wake up anxious, nervous, and fearful.

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