Comfort food at its best

Mami’s spaghetti is the greatest. The noodles are a little past al dente. The meat of choice is chicken breast cutlets. The sauce is a mixture of canned marinara, shredded carrots, sauteed garlic and onions, a bay leaf, and this time a spring of rosemary. It reminds me of Saturday afternoons with my family.
It rained last night so I stepped out into the morning of my first day of Spring Break with a look of consternation. Too late for morning Mass, I headed to the smog check station to face the sad truth about my smoke-breathing black dragon, a failed test. That could mean the possible postponement of a long list of plans: replacing my car’s bald tires, taking both dogs to the vet, moving and tuning the piano, buying those adorable $200 black patent leather Coach shoes I’ve been wanting. Funny how you can take the girl out of a noble but low-paying profession but you can’t take her money woes away.
Mami’s cooking to the rescue. How lucky I am to wake from an afternoon nap and head over to Mom’s for a plate of tallarin.

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