Some reasons Resurrection Sunday is my favorite holiday

Yeah, I know I’m supposed to call it Easter but my holiday has little to do with chocolate bunnies and colored eggs(though me and my sis are planning our 1st annual egg coloring party next year.)

  • I get to be part of several people’s conversion to Catholicism. Even the hardest heart would soften to hear those little kids say they are ready to be baptized or to see those grown people weep through Mass.
  • The lighting of the candles after all those readings at the Easter Vigil
  • Once again, being the voice behind a story I grew up reading(for the second year in a row, I read the story of Abraham sacrficing Isaac from Genesis)
  • helping one of the newly baptized strap put on her shoes
  • running back and forth through the church helping my students go through Confirmation and First Communion
  • tearing up at the singing of “Behold the Lamb of God”
  • tearing up at the singing of “Jesus Christ is Risen Today” today during my own private Morning Prayer and again at Sunday Mass
  • tearing up at the singing of my favorite Psalm 118
  • getting to wear those cute little white ballet flats everyone loves
  • Right when I started to get sad after I took communion, I felt a pat on my shoulder. It was one of my high school kids. He looked so happy to see me as he wished me, “Happy Easter, Ms. C!”


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