The DJ speaks

“donde estas, corazon? ayer te busque…”

He’ll look at me with those big black eyes. Probably roll them. He’ll purse his lips. Probably sigh. Then he’ll start in on me.

You’re the strongest person I know. Quit thinking that way. Sometimes I want to slap you. Because you have everything. Do you know how many people wish they were you? And I don’t mean some messy queens up in the club. Though they do wish they could wear your clothes. Anyway, you know you’re amazing. You’re beautiful. Smart. Strong. Together. I know I hardly ever tell you this but you know I love you. You did that. I wasn’t going to open my heart to anyone, not after my best friend died. Then you came along and you were so patient and persistent. You never gave up on me. Remember that time we were crying in my apartment? I hadn’t cried in years. Not even at his funeral. But you, you brought that out and that was good. You brought good into my life. I learned a lot from you. And you have been my greatest friend. Don’t start crying. You know everything I say is true. You know that you’ve done for so many people what you did for me. That’s what so frustrating about you. You know your worth. You know your power. So just be yourself. You deserve that. Don’t let any of this stuff that happens stop you. It can’t. Nothing can stop you, not even you. You hurt yourself way more than any of these tired ass idiots ever has. So wipe your face. And get back on the dance floor. I need you out there.

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