Mi voz

My voice is missing. I haven’t always liked my voice but as the years go on, I appreciate it. It’s little girlish at times, but mostly it is smooth and soothing. It sounds good over a mike, whether that was flowing with rhymes back in the day at a spoken word or reading Scripture in a church like I do on occasional Sundays and holy days. It serves me with angry kids, combative parents, and stressed teachers. It is recognized by loved ones. Naturally, I would suffer from laryngitis 98% of the time I have a cold or the flu.

It is Day 5 of a different voice. At times, it has been deeper than usual. Or hoarse. Or raspy. Or high-pitched. Or cracking. The words are mine. But the voice sounds different. It makes me miss my real voice.

So what do to tonight? I’ve been resting nightly. No belly dancing. No meetings except group. I was supposed to check out my friend’s live hiphop show this evening. Do I brave the cold Berkeley night? Do I risk my voice another few days?

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