The girls keep getting robbed

Movie Review: Dreamgirls

A few years ago, Chicago swept the Oscars. Despite its entertainment value, something about its razzle-dazzle just didn’t sit well with me. This year, a true musical with real singers got the Golden Globe but was shunned by the Academy. Don’t let that keep you from seeing one of the most beautiful Broadway-musicals-turned-movie. Like a Motown hit, it is destined to be considered a classic.

Dreamgirls chronicles the rags to riches stories of the Dreamettes and their mentor/producer Kurtis(Jamie Foxx). Jennifer Hudson(up for Best Supporting Actress, don’t those American Idol idiots feel lame now?) is Effie, the heart of the Dreamettes, a brassy, tough diva with big curves and a big voice. She falls for Kurtis whose eyes are more drawn to sweet and pretty Deena(Beyonce)–and to making money. Meanwhile, naive Larell(Anika Noni Rose, who won a Tony for Caroline or Change) pines for wild man Jimmy Early(played passionately by Eddie Murphy for a Best Supporting Actor nomination.) Everything happens on a Broadway scale with brilliant dance numbers and fabulous costumes. And when Hudson belts out the signature song, “And I am Telling You,” the heartache of lost dreams is real.

still playing in theaters

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