Endings aren’t always opera-worthy

Review of “What’s It Feel Like To Be a Ghost”, Part 2, Degrassi the Next Generation
When I sent Nice Guy the text message heard across two zones all those years ago, there was an epic quality to it all. My so-called best friend had turned out to be a spineless jellyfish(or rather I finally admitted he had been that all along) and I put him in his place. Even if it was only my small circle of girlfriends, the crowd cheered. My TV-show heroine Manny Santos had a smaller moment of truth, so many years in the making, but all too brief and dull.

As just-not-that-into-you boyfriend Craig paws her, Manny pulls away and attempts to talk him into a normal date. He, on the other hand, wants to continue his illegal partying. When she tries to do a not-quite-Dr.Phil intervention, Craig shrugs off her efforts. A look crosses her face, one that says she has had enough. But instead of reaming/reading him, as many faithful fans would hope, she merely announces her intention, “I’m dumping your ass” and dashes out. Imagine my crestfallen response. After five years of taking Craig’s bullshit, Manny didn’t even get in a good hard bitch-slap.

Oh I know. My dreams of cocktails thrown in faces and Bette Davis slaps are the stuff of telenovelas and Almodovar movies. They have no place in teen dramas or real life. But one can dream.

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