Flashback 2: Hindsight

That silly Celine Dion once sang,”It’s all coming back to me now.” Yeah, that’s how it works, me connecting the dots one by one. I think back to where you were that night I blacked out under the spell of brandy and a boy, your gaze on me steady as your soul. I remember the way you left my house in a rush. Who can blame you now? Your girl(or the friend you wish was your girl) was once again hanging on that man like he was a life raft. You probably wanted to drown my dumb ass but that’s not you. You are kind-hearted, patient, all strong spine and warm hands. You are a scar, a cool bottle of water, but most of all, you are unflinching eyes. I’m blind as a bat in comparison to you. I thought nothing of the introductions to strangers. Didn’t notice the rhetorical questions. How you always laughed at my crock of shit lines. Now I wish I had seen you for you all along. I might be singing a different love song.

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