End of the timeline

The last time I read X-Men comic books, the main storyline was about the end of this universe and several issues chronicling the occurences in a parallel universe. All those what-ifs we take for granted became realities with often surprising twists. The most memorable scene for me was the actual end of the timeline. All the characters knew it was coming so they were grouped according to relationships and other personal connections. Platonic lovers Rogue and Gambit were off to one side, musing on their failed relationship(her mutant power renders anyone she touches unconscious and open to having their mind/personality/mutant powers “stolen” by Rogue). As the seconds ticked by, they exchanged a knowing look and kissed for the first and only time. Simultaneously, the universe was torn in two like a gigantic sheet of paper.
My brother and I have always joked about the end of the timeline. I have always worried that, like Rogue, when I finally achieve happiness, everything will cease to be. Silly, melodramatic, so me.
I think the timeline is about to end. I wonder who I will kiss.

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