explanation 1: Ubiquitous boy

What had happened was we had all gone to my girl’s wedding. See, she had said her new hubby had this boy who was single, someone in the same line of work I was in and wouldn’t that be cool if we met. Translation your single ass needs a date and let me help. Anyway, I was chilling with the girls when I notice this guy checking out my girl so I nudge her. They strike up a conversation and we’re on the sidelines, me looking him up and down, thinking he looks familiar. Turns out he’s the ex of another girl I know, my girl’s patna, so that automatically makes me dislike him. Later on, at the reception, when we take a break from our loud-ass table, he makes some patronizing remarks about poor little me with the big-ass job he once had. How he says it makes me feel like he thinks I won’t be able to handle it. What he doesn’t know is I could kick his privileged brown ass if I felt like it(how come the brown people with money are always so stuck-up, even worse than white folks). When the new bride checks in, I tell her what’s up and she laughs that pretty laugh, shakes her head, amused at my antics.

Imagine my chagrin(my bro always says that chagrin is one of my trademark emotions)when we see this fool all summer long. He’s at our girl’s birthday. He’s living with some boy we know. He’s dancing with skinny bitches up in the club. Supposedly, his ubiquitous ass is going to be at my girl’s housewarming. He better watch how he talks to me. I’m even bitchier without alcohol.

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