Writing between the lines

Dear John letters. Letters of resignation. Pink slips. Sometimes correspondence is bad news. I, for one, believe saying goodbye in writing is crucial. It is not easy but necessary.

In recent weeks, I have agonized for my involvement in two different Young Adult Catholic groups. (Yes folks, that acronym spells YAC as in yack, puke…I kid, I kid!) Neither group feels like home. Blame it on my Cancerian Chicken Little mentality or poor chemistry. But something just isn’t feeling right. In fact, with each meeting, I feel more and more that I’m standing alone on a block of ice in the middle of a pool of boiling lava. And I’m not stomping down a high school hallway in heels anymore. I can’t fall back on my administrator moxie; right now, I’m just a super-sensitive, overbooked Cancer with a shortened summer vacation. What’s a girl to do?

Two saving graces: friends and words. I called in for reinforcements(thanks Lisabet) and put together a nicely worded farewell for one of the groups:

After much reflection and prayer, I have decided to resign from the Planning Team. I have realized that I have many other commitments in my life and parish that require renewed time and energy.
The Retreat Days have been significant in my life and I am fully confident the
talented team will continue to touch lives.
I have come to consider most of you friends through
our work together. Please stay in touch.
Warmest regards,

Now here is the official Mujer Hollering version:
After weeks of nail-biting, room-pacing, and complaining, I have decided to
walk away from this mess. I have too many other commitments and people in my life
that need 100% of my attention. Hello, I haven’t had a date in nearly a year!
While the retreat days have had an impact on me, it’s time I cut my losses. I’m sorry for the majority of you who will have to work around the one insane person in the group. I wish you godspeed.
Everyone, except the maniac, has been very sweet to me and I’m sorry I couldn’t invest more time in becoming friends with you. Everyone, except the maniac, is welcome to keep in touch.

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