Reasons explained

“You never I’ll never understand men, how they play us girls too short and then try to place the fault on you. This time I’m speaking candid because I don’t think that it’s right for them to have their cake and eat it, too…” Michel’le, _Keep Watchin’_

Forget chips, expensive shoes, and Degrassi the Next Generation. Men and dogs. Those are my two weaknesses. I brought home my new dog today. He’s got big brown eyes and ribs I can see. Like any cute boy, he’s warmed my heart and I want nothing more than for him to be happy. I’m quite sure he’ll be easier to manage than my nearly non-existent personal life.

I say “nearly” because the adolescent melodrama I enjoy watching has carried over into my life. I joined a Catholic young adult group thinking I could make new friends and maybe get a few dates. How did I know I’d end up in what could potentially become a soap opera? Lecherous playboys. Gossip and rumors. Cold shoulders and sizzling sparks. Sexual tension. All of a sudden, I find myself having crushes once again–and the subsequent bullshit that comes with venturing back into singledom.

My new favorite song is “Sorry.” At first it was the retro Jackson 5 hook. Then I started learning the lyrics. At about the same time, Paradox made his appearance on the scene. Paradox who seemed to be my dream come true in terms of faith, language, looks, and sense of humor but turned out to be a nightmare straight out of He’s Just Not That Into You meets Jaws. Paradox went from being Abba’s “Take a Chance on Me” to being “Sorry.”

I should stick to dogs.

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