Escaping into film

Lately, I’m putting a lot of energy into the Oscar nominees. It could be that Black Tuesday is a few days away. Or this year’s crop of films may be great.

Good Night and Good Luck
George Clooney proves himself the total package in this stylish,smart gem that he wrote and directed(and co-starred). David Strathairn shines as witty, sophisticated primetime reporter Edward Murrow who’s done with fluffy celebrity interviews(the Liberace clips drove the savvy Parkway audience into howling laughter). He wants to take on conservative Commie-hunter Senator McCarthy–and save television from being merely an entertainment box. Shockingly relevant, the black and white film takes us back to the 50s but leaves us feeling as if 2006 isn’t all that different. The movie also cleverly cobbles together vintage newsreels and segments of a jazz band with a bluesy diva singing standards.

nominated for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Screenplay

still showing at the Parkway and select theaters

Gutsy and inspirational, the documentary follows Team USA quadriplegic rugby players as they battle for Paralympic gold and happily-ever-after love. The film explores issues of identity, sexuality, and societal perceptions of disability while honoring the athleticism and heart of these athletes.

nominated for Best Documentary Feature

available for DVD rental

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