Oscar contenders on DVD!

This riveting ensemble drama swept the Screen Actors Guild Awards. And what a cast: the ubiquitous but versatile Don Cheadle as a seemingly cold detective with secrets, Sandra Bullock cast against type as a rich bitch, Thandie Newton and the having-a-great-year Terrence Howard as black bougie couple in an imperiled marriage, Ryan Phillipe proving he is more than a pretty face as a naive rookie cop, and Oscar nominee Matt Dillon(whom I have thought kicked ass as an actor since The Outsiders) as a crooked LAPD veteran. The movie follows several different Los Angeles families as they grapple with issues of race and respect. This is not a date movie nor is it something to consider a kickback Blockbuster night. It is shocking, powerful, and thought-provoking.

nominated for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor for Matt Dillon

The March of the Penguins
The documentary that could, this family favorite is sure to charm the kids and any adult who isn’t too cynical. Shot on location in Antartica, the movie follows Emperor penguins as they mate, raise families, and struggle to survive in a harsh environment. The real-life drama is narrated by the ever-paternal Morgan Freeman and features one of the most touching love scenes on film.

nominated for Best Documentary Feature

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