Don’t you love silly online quizzes?

And he’s a religious fanatic who made one of the bloodiest and overwhelmingly emotional films ever.

Julie, your match is Mel Gibson!

Adorable? Check. Good body? Check. Sexy accent? Well, not anymore, but you could always rent one of his old movies. That’s right — sigh-worthy Aussie import Mel Gibson is truly What Women Want, and he’s your celebrity match! (Okay, so he was really born in New York, but we’ll always think of him as the stud from Down Under.) Fun-loving and spontaneous, this sexy, blue-eyed star of Chicken Run and The Patriot is right up your alley. (And, oh, that smile!) You’ve always had a soft spot for the golden boys, so you can’t resist this high-spirited practical joker. Sure, it’d be a shame to break up his family, and the seven kids might cause a twinge of guilt, but we think you deserve him. Now, if only we were in charge of these things!

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