A cyber girl talk moment

Tribe. net is yet another place for folks to meet, greet, but mostly gab online about everything you can imagine. Can’t find a Tribe that fits you? Create one. I belong to about 15 tribes, including “He’s Just Not That Into You” inspired by the handbook. Most of the members are young women who post questions and reflections on dating. I checked in today and a new member wondered why no one else is into her. Several women commiserated and reassured.
These were my thoughts:

I’m in the same boat as many of you who have posted. I’m going into my 3rd Christmas single and at times, it does get lonely and frustrating. But then I look at my life, how much more independent I have become, how I took a risk career-wise and found happiness, how I truly value my family and friends now. It’s not that I didn’t have these things when I was in a relationship. But singlehood really is liberating and empowering.
When all else fails, I remind myself that I’m spending New Year’s Eve in Rome with a man who will never let me down, my best friend and soul brother(yes, ladies, he’s gay)–and that’s a gift.
Hang in there, chicas. We are too fabulous to settle for anyone less than amazing.

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