The joy of playing hooky

Okay so I may have caught the bird flu making its way through each person in my office. I may have felt, at least for the last two days, that someone tried to kill me with a forklift. I may have cringed when the new vet drained the abscess on my baby’s chest. Tomorrow I very well may have to deal with at least three suspensions, a couple of angry parents and co-workers, and some very nasty children, but for now, I am resting comfortably at home, with new batteries in my Ms. Pac-Man game and dozens of books to be read.

The body likes rest. It likes freedom from stress and the breakneck pace of today’s work life. The body enjoys sleep, liquids, and warmth. My body probably needs more exercise, particularly with weights, and more vitamins but I am trying hard to listen to it. In my new line of work, staying healthy will keep me effective.

As to the boredom of a few weeks ago, it lingers. I find myself looking at good old CL for a laugh and wistfully wonder where on earth I will meet this amazing Asian or Latino college grad who believes in God, can dance as well I can, and will help me keep all the “Just not that into you” commandments by being an assertive, romantic gentleman with old-fashioned values. My younger brother’s engagement has made me more happy than anxious but it is a reminder of that old black magic that has been missing from my life for a while. When will Masters at Work’s “To Be In Love” really mean something again?

This is why calling in sick is a good thing. It shows that I’m taking care of the one person with whom I am developing a strong relationship: myself.

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