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Julie, you’re a Groovy 70’s Party
Hey, cool cat. You never let a fashion trend pass you by, and you get a kick out of reviving old favorites. So it’s not surprising that a groovy 70’s party, complete with bell bottoms, butterfly collars, and disco balls is the perfect fit for a funky and fun person like you. You love to mix things up — whether it’s people, styles, or fruity drinks, and that’s what makes you so interesting and fun. Far out!
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And courtesy of it does sound familiar):
You’re looking like an Emma. That’s cool: you have ideals, and you stand up for what you believe in. Just watch it, because Emma has a tendency to take things a little too far and forget that people are allowed to respectfully disagree with her. But either way, being a righteous Emma doesn’t make you boring. She still likes to have fun, and who doesn’t like Emma?

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