What’s 3 more pounds?

I once read somewhere that Cancers have sensitive stomachs. They love food and drink, sometimes to excess. They also feel their myriad moods in their bellies, suffering from stress-induced ulcers, gout, and other tummy troubles. Given the fact that I have a crab tattooed on my left hip, I tend to agree with a lot of these claims. Given my experience with tummy aches of all kinds, I know this particular Crab always takes it in the gut.

Over the years, I have battled ulcers, food and medication allergies, food poisoning, and stomach viruses galore. If there was a bad batch of potato salad, I am the most likely to be in bed for a week afterwards. School year to start? Watch me turn green. And the loss of my appendix is agony I won’t ever forget. I have been told that labor will be easy, compared to living with a ruptured appendix for over 24 hours without so much as one tear. Despite my experience and relative toughness, tummy troubles are debilitating. Is it any wonder I’m cranky and listless? Not the ideal way to end my last long summer.

My trip to Peru was amazing. The Bride’s wedding was beautiful. The aftermath has been miserable at best, except for some great phone conversations with Izzy and WorkMom and Lisa and the five times I have watched Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. I had to cancel dinner with my second son last night and have been stuck on the couch watching tons of cable as the pounds melt away from my body. I have decided that chicken soup, crackers, and apple juice are punishment for all the guinea pig I ate.

Being homebound has its advantages. I’ve reconnected with old friends online. I’ve read a few Great Books. I’ve watched some new movies and one of my favorites. I’ve also spent some time recognizing that I am very blessed, aching tummy and all.

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