A smart mujer’s 10 Dating Commandments

Standards: those darlings of the Bush and Governator administrations. Standards are revamping our public educational system. As a new administrator, I will probably learn most of them by heart. While career is important to me, I am more important to me. As recommended by He’s Just Not That Into You(yes folks I did read the whole hardcover in slightly over an hour and yes it had all 3 Great Book effects), I present the new smart mujer’s 10 Dating commandments.

1. I will not date a man who has not asked me out first.
2. I will not date a man who can’t call when he says he will.
3. F*** the three-day rule. If he’s into me, he’ll call the next day to say what a great time he had and set up our next date.
4. I will not date a man I am not into.
5. I want to get married someday.
6. I want flowers, gifts, cute emails. I am vulnerable, sensitive and a romantic at heart. But I can still kick everyone’s ass.
7. I will not date a man who claims he’s not ready for a serious relationship.
8. I want the next man I love to fit in with all my family and friends.
9. I deserve to meet someone who wants to go to the top of the Empire State Building with me, someone who will take the time to know exactly what that refers to but more importantly what it means.
10. If meeting men online, they still have to do the pursuing. I’m fabulous, after all.

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