Therapeutic Interlude

JC: How do you feel now?
Ms. G.: Much better, thank you.
JC: Nothing like carbs to make you feel better.
Ms. G.: I have such nice kids.
JC: And husbands.
Ms. G.: Number 3, you’re the best of all.

Meanwhile, across the street…
A: You were saying, smart guy?
O: How was I supposed to know she had an Asian fetish?
A: I’m not going there. She gets mad when I do. Anyway, she said she doesn’t. She grew up with a bunch of them or something like that.
O: I don’t know what she sees in him.
A: They went to the same college. Same major.
O: So they’re in there talking about books?
A: Well that new Harry Potter comes out tomorrow…
O: Oh really…

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