All it takes is another continent

Are you single? And looking, despite what your best intentions dictate? I have a foolproof plan to get you lots of attention from a potential date/sweetheart/lover. Buy a plane ticket, preferably to another continent. Things will begin to happen once you do.

In my new movie obsession, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, the hero’s inamorata, Maria, is leaving with suitcases when our boy finally gets the guts to go for his. (Absolutely the greatest movie ending for John Cho fans) While it is true that the hero learned a valuable lesson on his impossibly crazy quest, one could argue that the mere fact that she was headed for a plane set events in motion. I, for one, am convinced it is working for me.

My suitcase is packed. I need to photocopy my passport and driver’s license and to pack my carry-on. Within days, I’ll be on a flight to Peru. Suddenly, it’s raining men.


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