Proving the quiz right

It has been a whirlwind weekend. I rose at dawn yesterday to take my first swim in weeks. Something about the water felt so incredible: peaceful, cleansing, pure. It’s not that I haven’t been working on meditation and reflection but birthdays are emotional for me. I often feel like celebrating but simultaneously worrying. My time in the pool was the last moment of quiet. The rest of the day was like an episode from you know which show. And I don’t mean Degrassi.

I headed off to the City, cute in a button-down pink shirt(I live for Target!), H&M jeans(can’t wait till it opens here) and my Coach loafers. Nothing says me more than an outfit where the shoes cost more than everything else put together. The boys picked me up, accompanied by the fabulous Febe. We had lunch in the sunny Mission at Ti Couz where we talked movies and the fact that I will love being paid to be a bitch. From there, we headed back to South of Market to check out a loft. It was the open house from hipster hell. There were twentysomething kids trying desperately to be chic yet asking the landlord absurd questions: “Why are you renting this for so cheap?” Hello moron, you’ve just increased the rent. I got a kick out of the landlord’s wife, a tall, heavily-made up blonde who scrubbed the toilet in plastic stilettos and a leather skirt. They had a toy French poodle, Jacques, who wrestled with Febe and made a couple of pornographic moves on her. We escaped for the warmer, fuzzier feel of a dog park. The sky was a briliant blue and dogs and people mingled cheerily. We then had tea on Polk Street before shopping for a new harness for Febe. It seems Daddy wanted her to look more feminine. Pink was not available so Febe walked out with $70 baby blue leather harness with rhinestones.
I drank way too much at my party last night, danced like a maniac, and flirted shamelessly with the DJ. I woke with a horrible hangover but received a sweet message from a new MySpace friend. Suddenly, living on this side of the water doesn’t seem so bad.
The plot always thickens. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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