3 blind dates and a bridal shower

It has been an interesting week. I had three dates and tomorrow I will co-host my first bridal shower/bachelorette party. I am simultaneously excited and overwhelmed by it all. I’m still feeling periodic mood swings of my post-practicum depression(yeah I know teaching is nothing like pregnancy and birth but one can dream.) I’m hoping those blues will go away after this weekend’s festivities.

Of my three dates, Tuesday stood out. He reminded me of a Kevin Smith character, sorta boyish with his passion for hockey and video games, with self-professed ADD and therefore a knack for conversation that runs from telling me about his parents’ courtship to slamming Orlando Bloom for not being leading man material to tales of high school high jinks. He was amusing and irreverent. Witty repartee is always more impressive than a Master’s degree or tallness. We’ll have a second date next week.

The bridal shower is somewhat scary. The Bride will be my first close married friend. Sure, Ruben is married but he has never had a wedding. Still, I know it’s not the wedding that intimidates me but the very real reminder that life changes. The Bride will not cease to be bubbly and warm. I know we’ll manage to make a getaway to Jade now and then. But she will be a Mrs. and I know that will be new for me. Single girls understand the terrifying aspects of marriage. Funny how we criticize men for seeing weddings as funerals when deep down inside, I feel like marriage signals the end of something. Still, I am happy for the Bride and hopeful for myself. After all, love is worth celebrating.

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