I miss my kids

Yes, teaching is now over. Yesterday was rather difficult. I woke up feeling lost. Today was better and I was able to think of my students. I got teary-eyed, of course. Love is like that.

This song is full of memories. It’s the first song on David Harness’s Anthem mixtape so the house version is the best. It was the song I would sing to Koko when he was a puppy small enough to fit in my mom’s garage sink. It is the song I played when I left Tennyson. So it made sense to play it today.

I Don’t Want to
by Toni Braxton

I really don’t feel like talking on the phone
And I really don’t feel like company at home
Lately I don’t want to do the things I used to do
Baby since I lost you

* And I don’t want to sing another love song babe
I don’t want to hum another melody
I don’t want to live my life without you babe yeah
It’s driving me crazy (crazy)

I really don’t feel like smiling anymore
And I haven’t had the peace to sleep at all
Ever since you went away, baby my whole life has changed
I don’t want to love and I don’t want to live

I don’t wanna laugh, I don’t wanna play
I don’t wanna talk, I have nothing to say
I don’t want to tour, forget the show
how can I go on?
Now that you are gone

Baby since you been gone, I’ve been so alone
Come back to me
I need you right here
Don’t want to sing or hum another melody…

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