A tale of two pretty boys

One gave me his number but failed to let me know it was his work phone. We were supposed to have a date last night. I haven’t heard from him since I left him a terse voicemail (and email, you know I’m all about guilt trips when I feel someone is shady.) So he had muscles for days and he seemed charming and witty. But there’s no charm or wit in muscleheads with secrets.

The other asked me out as well but like the idiot I can be, I suggested further correspondence. (In truth I was hoping to meeting aforementioned huckster first.) I have to admit he was better looking than Exhibit A. Still, Exhibit A wastes a lot of time at work and therefore had sent me cutesy emails galore while Bachelor #2 could only offer an explanation about his crazy work schedule and an invitation to meet.

I’ve posted my very first Missed Connections on CL. Hopefully it won’t become a missed opportunity.

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