Yes another shining star from CL

Check out this eligible bachelor I contacted via Craigslist:

I’ve never had a girlfriend before, so I don’t have any experience in that area. I’m fairly unemotional and my idea of a fun Friday night is playing AA (online 3d game) with my online buddies (whom I’ve never met in real life). I don’t really enjoy the outdoors because I hate being too hot or too cold. I don’t like animals because they are messy and I’m allergic to cats. I don’t really see or talk to my family very much. I lived at home until I was about 23. I don’t spend money on anything extra really. I wear the same clothes I did when I was in high school, even though they are out of style. My hygiene could be better. I never wear cologne or ever use deodorant. I take a shower about every other day or at least when the smell gets really sour or funky. I can’t dance. I’ve never been to a club, a bar, or a fun party. I don’t have any close personal friends. There are people who know me, and care about me, but they are either family or they simply have the same respect for me as they would any stranger. I’m generally a laid back guy, not because I’m cool but because I’m too lazy to care.

And I’m too valuable.

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