What do you mean, 40 days?

Having recently read The Purpose-Driven Life, I have embarked on a second introspective experience, a feminist 40 days and nights journey towards an intention. I am now on the 12th day of my project of reentering the world of dating and I’m already becoming a whining Israelite.

In the story of Exodus, Moses leads the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt through the longest meandering ever done by men who refused to ask for directions. For 40 years, the people wandered across the desert(and probably in several circles) before reaching the Promised Land. While on this long voyage, the people whined, lamented, complained, rebelled, and basically put God to the test. They were thirsty so a rock provided water. They were hungry so manna rained down overnight. They were worried about Moses so they melted down their jewelry and had a wild party around a statue of a hoofed animal. Several of them died after this incident(therefore not a good example of God’s mercy). The people were pessimists and were ready to stop walking. Given my recent experiences, that copy of He’s Just Not That Into You best arrive soon or I’ll be building a golden calf.

Good men are hard to find. A man can be cute, sweet, and exciting and still not call you for two weeks. A man can have a great body, a great voice, and a great job and still not give you his cel number(without explanation). 40 days may seem like a long time but they are a fleeting moment in the grand scheme. What I need to cultivate is more patience and more hope.

So I’m keeping the bling on for a while and stretching out my ankles. I have many more days on the road.

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