my new future husband

Poor Orlando. His latest movie didn’t even break even though I thought he looked fantabulous with that extra eighteen pounds of muscle. But he’s back with his honey Kate Bosworth. No, I’m sorry for Orlando because he’s about to lose my devotion. I’m trading him in for another big screen type. Someone completely his opposite.

Having grown up in the multiculti wonderland of the Bay Area, I have no qualms about my thing for Asian men. Of course, they rarely pay attention to me(last summer was fun) since I don’t look like Eva, Salma, or J-Lo. Oh I know I’m cute in my own quirky, slightly overweight, National Geographic photo bone structure type of way but when competing with willowy divas with long curly hair and deep tans, I’m seen as the sassy friend versus the headturner heartbreaker. No matter. It never stopped me in high school, college, or at church and it’s not about to stop me now. I have been hit by the cherub’s arrow. John Cho is it.

John Cho is a Korean-born, LA raised actor and a 1996 Cal grad(Asian American Studies and English). He starred in Harold and Kumar go to White Castle and Better Luck Tomorrow. And yes he was in all three American Pie movies. He’s tall, lanky, and boyish. He’s my next esposo.

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