Flea bites and the do the right thing heat

For the last week and a half, I have been scratching like mad. My doctor prescribed heavy-duty allergy pills that take the itch away but make me feel like I got beaten in the head. I’ve turned into a vacuuming and laundry-doing paranoic. And the temps haven’t risen all that much.

Today felt like an awful Monday. I put on my H&M sky blue sweatshirt with the tiger head decal(I haven’t worn it to work once), secretly hoping for San Francisco fog on our literary magazine field trip. As I tried to calm my whiny freshman, my senior editor informed me that she would not make the field trip and left me to wonder how I and a freshman staff member would lug 150 magazines to BART and San Francisco. With wheeled cart(thanks Em!) we braved the hot sun, two spills on dirty sidewalk, the curses of a homeless man, four flights of steep stairs, and a half-hour delay. So my itchies are itching. So simmering in my longsleeve cotton hoodie made me grumpy. So the heat made me want to send a trash can through a storefront window.

There are only 12 days of school left.

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