Now you see me, now you don’t

Lately, I’m flitting back and forth like Mytzoplik(I know the spelling is probably wrong) between multiple parallel universes. There’s the world of graduate school where I’m still behind on the readings(which all make me rethink my teaching) but I’m enjoying being around like-minded educators. There’s the world of work where little girls are still neck-rolling knuckleheads and certain adults are either blind to their b.s. or encourage it. There’s the world of church where I’m still part of a gigantic family that is always nice, always funny, and always welcoming. These worlds seem separate lately though I no longer feel so torn.
Today I brought cupcakes for my elder babies. I made them certificates on the computer. They played MASH to find a prom date, to see if one of my fans could win my affections, and to see which boy would be my ideal mate. Childhood seemed a happy place.
It has been a very long week but teleportation helps you go from world to world easily.

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