Reconvening Interlude

Exhusband 1: When I think about you, my feelings can’t explain why, after all this time, my heart still feels pain.
Exhusband 2: When I look at you, memories of love, like no one before, you stay on my mind
me: for always and forever, you will be my
Fiance 3: Saturday. Love, what about Saturday?
EH1: You ruined the moment, you idiot. Get outta here. Go back to Mexico or wherever you came from.
EH2: Aren’t you proud of me, darling?I finally got the lyrics.
me: Boys, boys, settle down. I can’t talk to you all at once.
EH2: One of us has to go. Who?
EH1: Don’t you have a costume drama to ruin?
EH2: At least I’m working.
F3: That’s not saying much.
me: Age before beauty. You stay, A.B.
EH1: Ha! I knew she’d pick me.
F3: Please tell me you’re joking!
me: You’re pretty but I need to be around those who know me best. Ciao!
EH2: Does this mean I’m staying, too?
me: For always and forever…

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